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Nano Antibacterial Face Mask

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Antibacterial Face Mask

The Face mask effect is good. After washing 50 times, the Masks effect can still reach more than 80%.

Have Мask certificate.

Washable masks can remove most dust, smoke, pollen, haze, chemicals, etc. This dust mask will help you breathe in a cleaner and healthier way.

The elastic ear hook mask is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face, and is very comfortable to wear.

It can protect your mouth and face from dust, pollen, ash, smog, vehicle exhaust and passive smoking.

This dust mask can be used to protect you from harmful dust particles, PM2.5, vehicle exhaust, wood products, pollen allergies and smoke. Ideal for people who are at risk of respiratory diseases, live in or travel in areas with high air mascarillas / smoke.

The mask shell can be cleaned when it becomes dirty, and the filter is replaceable.

The mask is made of diving cloth and has a slight smell.

First remove the filter, soak it in warm water for 15 minutes, and then slowly remove the odor. The principle of filtering activated carbon cannot be cleaned

Combined with ergonomic facial design, the bridge of the nose is covered, the aluminum plate is fixed and non-slip, firmly worn and protected in place

Material: non-woven fabric.

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